Genting Highlands Trip Notes (March 2024)

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Consolidating notes and recommendations based on my Genting Highlands, Malaysia trip in March 2024.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to visit is during weekdays when it is less crowded. If you are planning to take just a day off and visit over a weekend, I recommend Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun.

The reason being Fridays and Saturdays are considered peak days and activities and accommodations might be more expensive.

Is cold wear required?

I couldn’t really figure out how to get out of the massive indoor complex to enjoy some fresh air. If you are staying indoors, it is the same as being in an air-conditioned shopping mall. You can even dress in shorts and slippers.

During the day when I went out to the Premium Outlets, it wasn’t cold enough to require a jacket for me.

Should I get travel insurance?

Some might feel that a travel insurance is not necessary or economical for a short weekend getaway.

For this trip, I got myself travel insurance from Starr Insurance (see referral post).

Starr’s travel insurance product allowed me to purchase just the medical coverage component, and opt out of trip delay and baggage issues coverages. This brought down the policy premium to just $8.58 for the 3D2N trip.

Travelling via coach bus

I took coach buses to-and-fro Genting Highlands

Car sickness

95% of the ride from Singapore to Genting Highlands was smooth and comfortable, but I felt carsick during the last 20mins when the coach was winding up the mountain at the highlands.

Booking of coach buses

I booked my trip back to Singapore via Easybook.

Check out the Easybook referral post.

Remember to look for a promo code to use when booking. Some promo codes are applicable for SG originating trips, and others are for MY originating trips.

No beverages allowed onboard

There are no cup holders in case you are thinking of bringing a hot coffee onboard. In fact, beverages in cups were not allowed onboard for the coach bus companies I rode with.

USB charging available on coach buses, but only for USB-A cables.

USB ports were available for charging devices on the coach buses, but one end of the cable has to be USB-A.

Be aware of this if you are using modern chargers and cables where both ends are USB-C connectors.

Driver break? or forced shopping?

On the way back to Singapore from Genting Highlands, the coach had a stop at KL Batu Caves area for 20mins. The break was at a local produce shop and everyone had to disembark as the aircon and doors were locked for the 20mins while the driver ‘rested’.

Unlike the Woodlands Causeway, the immigration counters are on the ground level when returning to Singapore via the Second Link. This is much less hassle especially if you are travelling with elderly folks.

First World Hotel

The world’s largest hotel offers an astronomical 7,351 rooms

We stayed at First World Hotel for this trip. It was booked prior to the trip.


Check-in was via a kiosk. There are multiple kiosks available at the reception lobby. Try to look around for one with a shorter queue.

When checking in, the kiosk allows you to specify only one criteria out of:

  • non-smoking floor
  • room with a view
  • connecting room

It does not allow you to select multiple options. So after checking in and receiving the room key, you have to queue up at the reception counter to speak to a front desk staff to request a room change.

Tip: to save time, have someone start queueing at the front desk reception while another of travelling group is performing the check-in at the kiosk.


Just a simple key drop at a different automated kiosk. Fast and simple. Takes less than a minute.

Beware of room touts

Many times when walking across the hotel reception area, there are touts offering rooms at cheap prices.

There is a Reddit discussion on this about why it is not safe to purchase a room from these touts.


No backpacks allowed

You will be stopped by security if you are carrying a backpack.

Sightseeing and shopping

Awana SkyWay

There are two gondola lines (Awana SkyWay and Genting SkyWay) at Genting Highlands.

The Awana SkyWay is the one that has stations for Chin Swee Caves Temple and Premium Outlets.

Buying tickets

Recommended to pre-book on Klook to avoid the ticketing queue. After that, you just have to scan the QR received to board the gondola.

Chin Swee Caves Temple

How long to spend there?

Didn’t think I would spend more than an hour there but actually there is quite a bit to explore. Two hours is a more appropriate time to spend here.

Walking from the gondola station

It is quite a distance from the gondola station but there are escalators most of the way.

Climbing the pagoda

The pagoda is 9 levels and the steps get narrow towards the higher levels. Takes a bit of effort to climb at one go.

F&B options

There are eateries and snack stores at the temple area, even a Starbucks outlet. Some of the food options are not vegetarian.


Cannot figure out how to get out for some fresh air

I couldn’t figure out how to get out of SkyAvenue to enjoy some fresh air. It is a massive shopping and theme park complex and connected to First World Hotel.

Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park

A decent alternative to the outdoor theme park at night and when weather is bad.

SkyWorlds Theme Park

I didn’t try that many rides as I entered the theme park late. But the ones that left an impression on me were:

  • Independence Day: Defiance @ Central Park
  • Samba Gliders @ Rio

We queued for 30-40 minutes (estimated wait time displayed was 20 mins) for ‘Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice’ and didn’t find it worth the long wait.

Genting Skyworlds app

This free-to-download app will help you discover all you need to know and allow you to purchase your tickets, view attraction wait times, browse the park guide, and even make VQ (Virtual Queue) reservations for attractions!

You can also purchase photos taken by cameras placed at strategic locations along some park rides. The photos are rather expensive though.

Book early on Klook

If you plan to book your tickets on Klook, remember to book at least one day ahead. Same day tickets are not available on Klook.

Reasons to book your SkyWorlds Theme Park tickets via Klook:

  • Rainy Day Guarantee
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • additional 5% off when purchasing combo tickets

Travel light in the theme park

Travel light in the theme park, preferably with only your handphone. Some rides do not allow you to bring your belongings and you have to deposit them into paid lockers which are rather expensive. A small locker costs 20RM for 4 hours. You can open and close the locker multiple times throughout the rental period.

Other notes and tips

Other information I chanced upon on the Internet:

  • At the cable car station at the bottom, there is a bus terminal with buses running to KL. It is easy to book a two way transfer to KL Sentral MRT station.
  • To experience fresh outdoor air if you are staying at First World Hotel, take the free bus shuttle to Genting Grand or Resort hotel.
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