How to redeem Grab vouchers purchased via heymax platform

Sharing how to redeem Grab vouchers issued by Wogi purchased on heymax helps you find the best card to use for any merchant and earn extra miles on top of your credit card rewards when you Shop with Max.

If you do not have a heymax account yet, check out the Max referral post.

heymax relaxed the criteria to qualify for referral bonus miles on 1st December 2023. I purchased three Grab vouchers to qualify for the bonus miles.

Showing how I redeemed the Grab vouchers on my Android device.


  1. If accessing heymax from a web browser, navigate to “Profile” -> “View your vouchers & gift cards”
  2. Copy the redemption URL of the voucher
  3. Paste the redemption URL into a browser on your mobile
  4. Tap on the “Click to REDEEM” button, and wait for the processing to complete
  5. Beside the “ACTIVATION URL:” field that appears, tap on “CLICK TO REDEEM”
  6. This brings up the Grab app. Tap on “Redeem Your Gift”

YouTube version:

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