Kris+ #CouponMania Referral Code: MMECK7HHFV

LIMITED-TIME mobile-web game

The #CouponMania event commences on 13 April 2022, 1000hrs, and closes at 14 May 2022, 0000hrs.

Remember to:

  • accept all your Physical Prize(s) by submitting your details before #CouponMania ends on 14 May 2022,0000hrs
  • redeem vouchers and Promo Codes before their expiry dates
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In collaboration with gamification company Sqkii, Kris+ has launched #CouponMania, a LIMITED-TIME mobile-web game where players can collect and merge coupons into gift boxes to win prizes worth up to S$9,599.

To start playing #CouponMania, you need to create an account with your mobile number. Join the game with the referral link or referral code: MMECK7HHFV.

I think joining the game with a referral does not give the referee any benefits though. You can receive game upgrades by referring your friends after joining. Upgrades include:

  • additional inventory slots
  • double-speed coupons

BONUS: Sync your Kris+ account to the game to:

  • earn a double-speed coupon. This helps you collect 2x more coupons in the next 1 hour.
  • view Physical Prizes
  • use your Vouchers and Promo Codes
If you do not have a Kris+ account yet, learn about it from the Kris+ post and sign-up to receive 750 KrisPay miles (worth SGD5.00).


Update 10 May 2022: Some prizes have been downgraded to lower level gift boxes to allow them to be won more easily.


  • Bow tie and clip set: ‘Level 10 Gift Box’ prize ==> ‘Level 8 Gift Box’ prize.
  • Peking duck: ‘Level 10 Gift Box’ prize ==> ‘Level 8 Gift Box’ prize.
  • SIA cup: ‘Level 10 Gift Box’ prize ==> ‘Level 8 Gift Box’ prize.

There are nearly 50,000 prizes to be won, and the full prize list for the #CouponMania event consists of 108 different items (physical, vouchers, promo codes).

Top prizes (alphabetical order) include:

  • $100 KrisShop e-Voucher
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Dyson Fan
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Jabra Elite 85t
  • Mayer Digital Multi-Cooker
  • Mayer Wine Chiller
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED)
  • Razor Ornata V2 keyboard
  • Simmons queen size mattress (worth $9,599!)
  • Singapore Airlines Limited-Edition Mahjong Set

What is the likelihood of winning a top tier prize?

The top tier prizes are more likely to appear in a ‘Level 10 Gift Box’. There is no guarantee that you will win a top tier prize in a ‘Level 10 Gift Box’. Based on the campaign mechanics, I tried to calculate how long does it take to create a ‘Level 10 Gift Box’?

Typical journey to get a ‘Level 5 Coupon’:

  • ‘Level 2 Coupon’ = 2x ‘Level 1 Coupon’ = 14 mins
  • ‘Level 3 Coupon’ = 4x ‘Level 1 Coupon’ = 28 mins
  • ‘Level 4 Coupon’ = 8x ‘Level 1 Coupon’ = 56 mins
  • ‘Level 5 Coupon’ = 16x ‘Level 1 Coupon’ = 112 mins

At the minimum, a player can receive two ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ upon creation of a ‘Level 5 Coupon’.

Typical journey to get a ‘Level 10 Gift Box’:

  • ‘Level 2 Gift Box’ = 2x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 112 mins
  • ‘Level 3 Gift Box’ = 4x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 224 mins
  • ‘Level 4 Gift Box’ = 8x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 448 mins
  • ‘Level 5 Gift Box’ = 16x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 896 mins
  • ‘Level 6 Gift Box’ = 32x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 1792 mins
  • ‘Level 7 Gift Box’ = 64x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 3584 mins
  • ‘Level 8 Gift Box’ = 128x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 7168 mins
  • ‘Level 9 Gift Box’ = 256x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 14336 mins
  • ‘Level 10 Gift Box’ = 512x ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ = 28672 mins (19.9 days)

The time taken could shorten if:

  • you receive speed upgrades from referring friends
  • make purchases to receive bonus ‘Gift Boxes’

The time taken could lengthen if:

  • you do not check back constantly to ensure the inventory is never full. I don’t really see how this is avoidable as we need to sleep.

In summary, it takes a lot of dedication to be able to generate a ‘Level 10 Gift Box’ before the campaign ends.

What some players have won so far

Some users have shared on Telegram what they received from opening gift boxes.

  • ‘Level 1 Gift Box’
    • ‘Buy 5 Get 1 FREE’ at Krispy Kreme donuts
      • some have commented that such a promotion already exists at Krispy Kreme. You don’t need the Kris+ app for it.
      • other commented that Krispy Kreme staff were not aware of this promotion and refused to honor it.
    • Downgraded to ‘Level 4 Coupon’
  • ‘Level 3 Gift Box’
    • Downgraded to ‘Level 2 Gift Box’
  • ‘Level 4 Gift Box’
    • Downgraded to ‘Level 2 Gift Box’
  • ‘Level 5 Gift Box’
    • Speed up credits
    • Upgrade to ‘Level 6 Gift Box’
  • ‘Level 6 Gift Box’
    • ‘Buy 5 Get 1 FREE’ at Krispy Kreme donuts
  • ‘Level 7 Gift Box’
    • Downgraded to ‘Level 6 Gift Box’
  • ‘Level 8 Gift Box’
    • Jal Yoga trial class
  • ‘Level 9 Gift Box’
    • $50 cash voucher at SVS on regular priced items
    • Digital weighing scale at JVD
    • Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant ($20 cash voucher off minimum $120 spent)
      • winner commented it was not useful since Eatigo already offers 15-25% off for the restaurant
  • ‘Level 10 Gift Box’
    • Complimentary Peking Duck worth $88 (with min. $300 spend) at Mimi Restaurant
    • Digital Multi-Cooker at Mayer
    • Google Nest Mini
    • Micro 3000 Subwoofer at SVS (worth $1,450)
    • Necktie Gift Set at The Shirt Bar (worth $59.90)
    • NERF Action Xperience (pair of admission tickets)
    • Nintendo Switch (OLED)
    • Simmons queen size mattress (worth $9,599)
    • The Ring (3 months membership worth $1,000)

Experience sharing | Problems faced playing #CouponMania

These are my personal experience based on the Android platform.

✔️Speed booster auto-pauses whenever inventory is full

This is a nice touch by Sqkii. If the inventory is full, I observed that the speed booster switch on the top-right corner will auto-pause to conserve any remaining speed booster minutes.

❌Issue syncing Kris+ account

I got to know about #CouponMania from the Kris+ app. The problem is if you launch #CouponMania from within the Kris+ app, it uses an internal browser and you will get an error when trying to sync your Kris+ account to #CouponMania.

Error message:

Webpage not available

The webpage at intent://;;;scheme=https;S.browser_fallback_url=;end; could not be loaded because:


The resolution is to launch #CouponMania directly from in your mobile browser. I use the Chrome browser.

Also, only clicking on the gift box button shown in the screenshot below worked for me when trying to sync the Kris+ account with #CouponMania.

Clicking here worked for me to sync my Kris+ account
Clicking here worked for me to sync my Kris+ account

❌Poor game interface design

Non-intuitive ‘Back’ button

I find myself frequently clicking on the mobile phone’s ‘Back’ button and it exits the #CouponMania game completely. Instead, I should be clicking on the on-screen small orange ‘X’s to return to the previous game interface screen.

Placement of ‘Discard’ button

When you view the details of a coupon piece, the ‘discard’ button is located directly above the ‘close’ button. There is also no confirmation dialog when you tap on ‘Discard’. This caused me to once accidentally discard a coupon piece.

poor interface design

❌Unable to get gift box due to endless loop between Kris+ app and CouponMania

[29 Apr 2022]: the bug occurred again and I resolved it by restarting my phone
[23 Apr 2022]: from the Telegram channel discussions, it seems Sqkii was aware of the bug and has fixed it. I have not experienced this issue since evening of 22 Apr 2022.

After you combine the pieces to form a level 5 coupon, you can view the coupon in Kris+ app, which allows you to claim ‘Gift Boxes’ as rewards. But somehow it doesn’t work all the time for me.

It is frustrating to launch the Kris+ app, then go back to the #CouponMania screen and try to claim the “Gift Boxes” and all that happens is that you are redirected to the Kris+ app again.

Haven’t found out how to resolve this issue.

❌Unstable game server

The game server was down for a couple of hours on 23 April 2022 and all I saw was a blank screen during the downtime.

Telegram discussion channel

Check out Sqkii’s Telegram group: to link up with other players and get updates about bugs and issues.

Is it worth spending time to play #CouponMania

In essence, the ‘game’ is meant to promote the awareness of the Kris+ app, as well as to get users to constantly visit the Kris+ app to view the deals and privileges available.

Users have to do this constantly over a period of weeks and multiple times daily to stand a chance to win a top tier prize.

The mechanics of generating a ‘Level 10 Gift Box’ is well communicated, but the probability of winning something of high value is unknown.

For top tier prizes, the FAQ says:

You’re more likely to get this from Level 10 Gift Box

What exactly does this mean? Am I also able to win the same prize from a ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ but at lower odds? If so, I feel it might make more sense to try my luck opening ‘Level 1 Gift Boxes’ rather than trying so hard to get a ‘Level 10 Gift Box’.

I also observed that the monetary value of top tier prizes from ‘Level 10 Gift Boxes’ has a very wide range. For example:

I wouldn’t be happy if I spent close to a month of playing #CouponMania to get something of low value in a ‘Level 10 Gift Box’. I might feel better off winning a $2 donut from a ‘Level 1 Gift Box’ as shared by fellow players on the Telegram discussion channel.

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