Double Bonuses for Fiat Deposits via FAST and Referrals

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Campaign period: 26 April 2022, 18:00 SGT - 24 May 2022, 16:00 SGT

Note: Campaign is applicable only to new users in Singapore. Users from other regions only enjoy the usual fiat deposit and referral bonuses.

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After more than 6 months, is having a double bonus campaign again! See official announcement on for complete details.

Double Fiat Deposit Bonus: Up to SG$100 of CRO

For the first 5,000 new App users who complete a fiat deposit via FAST, will double the deposit amount by matching it with a bonus of up to SG$100 of CRO.


  1. Download the App, register and complete KYC verification for your App account
  2. Register for the campaign
  3. Complete a successful deposit via the FAST network
  4. Complete five trades (buy/sell) of any token in any amount during the Campaign Period

WARNING: Remember to register for the campaign before making any FAST transfer. Enter your own referral code when registering, not our referral code.

Form instructions:

“Please share with us your unique App Referral code to join the campaign (Your App referral code can be found by clicking the logo on the App -> Refer -> bottom left corner)”


  • Only for the first 5,000 new App users
  • must complete a fiat deposit via FAST
  • bonus will be based on the first FAST deposit amount

Double Referral Bonus: Get US$50 of CRO for Each Referral

After you signed up, you can refer others to earn up to US$50 worth of CRO, which is double the standard amount.

Please note that your friend must pass KYC Verification, and stake CRO for a Metal Visa Card (Details) for you and your friend to receive your respective US$50 CRO referral bonuses.


  • Both the referrer and referee must be App users in Singapore to be eligible for the Double Referral Bonus.
You can use our referral code or link found at the beginning of this post to sign up, to be eligible for this reward.
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